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Winter's Poetry Corner

so i found a bunch of old poems and one i wrote last night! here ya go.... just mine please.

this first one i wrote while driving lol bad idea i know but i couldnt help it. it is called "Just another love poem"

I don't hate sunrises over mt. hood
when the sky is pink and orange
alone i florish
at peace while in war
i sleep live
i don't hate winter
the crisp cold bites my nose
while i glide through crystals
at peace in nature
i sleep wonder
i don't hate knowledge
never knowing everything
my brain is a sponge
at peace while insignificant
i sleep learn
always asleep
and i love that.



Problematic Shitlord
It's okay. The wording is kind of awkward and the overall feel of the poem is kind of vague.
ok this next poem is kind of tricky in the sense some of the lines flow right into the next one like you know that game where you say a word and there are two words that use that one..... like for fire - camp fire pit.... so its campfire and fire pit.... i have a couple of those in here.

My Road Less Traveled

Marine Dr. is the road to my soul
these words,
the road to my minds
eye's like the sunset
my muse had left
but returned along that road
not in the body of another
but in the realization of truth
i will watch myself die
because love does not live
in another s' soul
it lives in THE SOUL
goodbye my ORkid
i will always love your beauty
but a daisy has captured it
the escaping muse that so hastily feeds me
don't take my sunrise for granted
search for yours
in another place and time
you found me
you didn't lose me
we were just stolen
find me on these pages
but only a snapshot
of why you'd watch me die

@ everyone nice, thank you i have a very different writing style with a distinct rhythm that doesn't go where you would think it does.

@ cons, what do you mean? how is the wording awkward? if it's about rhyming and separation i don't do that in poems.
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