Winter likes/dislikes


I like snow, wrapping up warm and walking, and I LOVE frosty winter mornings.

I HATE rain, sleet, hailstones, slush. Also, driving in snow is horrendous, because in the UK EVERYTHING stops for a few flakes of snow.


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i love the fact that in winter you can warp up in your gloves and scarf and jacket and be all nice and warm, and i also love the fact that it snows, and it makes everything look beautiful....and the little robins you get. and also christmas is in winter. but i dont like it when i have to drive in snow or when its icy and the fact that the cold makes my lips dry haha....oh yeah and the fact that it gets dark so early and light so late. like dark at 4pm and light at like 8pm the next day!


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I love the snow, walking in it when its fresh and warming my toes by the fire.

I dislike black ice, and whipping winter winds on my school campus.
Like - having an excuse to be wrapped up in a blanket, snow, frost on the edge of leaves and on spiders webs, the prolonged darkness, christmas.

Dislike - icy cold wind, chapped lips... errr there isn't a lot I don't like about winter to be honest so thats all I got.
Edit: Ooh yer WET SOCKS! Hate that... Thanks Klazik haha.
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I like The music that comes with the seasons

I hate walking in the snow when people who don't shovel there sidewalks cause my feet get wet and i hate wet socks


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I love the cold, snow, ice, bare trees, cloudy days, yellow grass, and the brown. It's all so beautiful.

What I dislike about it? Well for where I live there isn't enough cold and snow. I also happen to dislike walking on ice, I can't do it. T_T