Winter has returned to Westeros


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They made it hard to see to increase the tension and it worked very well. One of the most stressful episodes of TV i have ever watched.


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They made it hard to see to increase the tension and it worked very well. One of the most stressful episodes of TV i have ever watched.
The episode of the Walking Dead where Rick
literally bit the fucking jugular out of a dude who was going to rape Carl
kept me on edge with suspension until that exact moment. I don't think it's a moment of TV I'll ever forget.

I really didn't feel the tension in this one. I didn't let myself enjoy it because of the darkness and distractions. I think I'm going to try again on my PC to see if I get a better picture tonight and I'm gonna see if I missed anything.


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I don’t understand just letting the dead sit there after you’ve lit the trench. What did they expect the dead to do all that time? They also did a piss poor job defending the walls.

Arya is a badass. She saved those idiots from extremely poor strategy.
Was it the time when the 2 dragons were lost somewhere?


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How the hell did Brienne survive? And Sam?

The episode was hurt a lot by how hard it was to see, though. The Battle of the Bastards was way better. Same for the dragon attack on the Lannister forces. I even tried to re-watch and still couldn't get a decent picture. I thought it was my TV but everything else looks fine.
I thought Sam just hid under dead bodies hahaha.
I wasn't as bothered by the darkness as most people seem to be. But I watched the episode the day after and knew about the problem going in and adjusted accordingly.

I was definitely stressed this episode. I thought we were going to lose more people than we did. I am actually kinda disappointed they went "easy" on us. Grey Worm is one of my favorite characters but there's no way he should have survived. Same goes for Pod. But maybe they are just toying with us and they are gonna get cut down in the next 3 episodes. Haha.

What a god awful plan they had. I mean, it was kinda on short notice.... but damn. And I love all the people online getting angry that Arya saved the day. "That was supposed to be Jon!". Hahaha.

RIP Dothraki.... you deserved better.


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I'm speaking in absolutes but these are just theories:

No way they spend all of that screen time training TriPod for him to just die in battle. Homie is going to get one of the empty houses (Umber, Bolton, Tarly, Harrenhal) or he'll end up in the king's/queen's guard with Brienne being Lord Commander. You have to be a knight or royalty to be in the King's guard so the point of making her a knight could serve another storytelling purpose. One of the two is almost certainly Azor Ahai. Let's look at the propecy:

"According to prophecy, our champion will be reborn to wake dragons from stone and reforge the great sword Lightbringer that defeated the darkness those thousands of years ago. If the old tales are true, a terrible weapon forged with a loving wife's heart. Part of me thinks man was well rid of it, but great power requires great sacrifice. That much at least the Lord of Light is clear on."

Reforge the great sword - Lightbringer - and drive it through a love's heart to reach it's full power: Arya killed the NK with a new forged weapon from Gendry. The NK and Bran are connected. Old Nan even said the Night King could have been called Brandon Stark and slept in Bran's bed!! Everything she said came true! Arya, unknowingly, killed Bran's consciousness while he was warging into the NK. Alternatively, Gendry kills Arya under circumstances I can't think of and a sword that he forges becomes Lightbringer. Maybe there's an accident when he goes to quench and he's trapped, and Arya has to kill him out of mercy or vise versa. I don't know. We'll know if that theory is correct if Gendry gets one of the name swords and forges it into a new weapon(s). I want it to be what we already saw (Arya is Azor Ahai, fulfilled it by killing the NK) but there's a line in the prophecy about great power requiring a sacrifice that I can't make sense of or we haven't seen yet.

Part of me wants Jaime to get what's left of Casterly Rock. There can't be many Lannisters left.

Bronn is totally going to take Tyrion up on his offer to double Cerci's pay and he'll end up with the Twins (two castles instead of one). Remember, him and Jaime have a connection and Jaime turned on Cersci.

And I'm making, literally, the only prediction I've made about who ends up where if I didn't mention it above:
King Jon/Aegon (Rightful heir... but he may fill his purpose with the Lord of Light in the final battle.
Queen Denarys (Marries Jon, they rule together sharing power)
Hand: Davos, who will get to establish his own house in place of one of the extinct great houses. Has to be Bear Island. Could also be the Iron Islands if Yara fails/dies.
Sam - No idea what position. Hopefully he gets to become the court Maester (Remmeber Dany's line?)
Varys - Master of Whispers/Master of Coin type of position
Night's Watch - Disbanded and no longer needed. The free folk get the gift and what's north of it. Hopefully Tormund gets to be the King but I think he dies.

Bran: Who TF knows. He's clearly the McGuffin for the final battle.
Gendry - Azor Ahai, lord of Storm's End. (He can smith a sword, and AA smiths Lightbringer)
Sansa - Queen of the North
Tyrion - Retires to Winterfell to be Sansa's husband. Could possibly be granted Casterly Rock depending on what happens with him/Jaime in the final battle. If Cersei doesn't kill herself Tyrion is the one to do it by strangling her, fulfilling the last part of her philosophy.
Jaime - Dies in battle
Hound - Dies in battle
Yara - Ruler of the iron islands or dead from the final battle. I'm sure we'll see that one before the finale.
Tormund - Dies in battle (saaaad), doesn't marry Brienne. If he doesn't die he'll get to lead what's left of the free folk, who are given what's north of the Gift.
Grey Worm /Missandei: If they live through the battle they are going to retire.
Cersei - DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAD. She's going to poison herself when shit starts going down or get strangled by Tyrion.
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@Konshentz, really? Some people are upset that it wasn't Jon? I was just so damn happy NK is dead, I wouldn't care if it were Theon who did it haha.

I did see someone comment why only secondary characters died (therefore not as big shocker). I said imagine all the main ones died here, who'd want to see the final battle for the Iron Throne between Cersei and Theon? Haha

And where did Bran go? I thought NK would be attacked by birds in the end. Or did he just fly up to watch the battle from above? Someone joked that he left to watch Endgame haha.


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And where did Bran go? I thought NK would be attacked by birds in the end. Or did he just fly up to watch the battle from above? Someone joked that he left to watch Endgame haha.
I'm convinced the NK was Bran's consciousness stuck in that body. Bran kept warging back in time, like he did to Hodor, and then got/gets stuck in the NK. That's why he doesn't talk. It goes with Old Nan's prophecy that the original "Night's King" (the NK in the books is a legend only and spelled differently) was a Stark and could have even have been named Brandon and slept in Bran's room in Winterfell. We also saw Ned react to Bran calling out his name at the Tower of Joy. Bran could have been in the mad king. The Three-Eyed Raven told him that he could get stuck in a body in the past, too. And mentioned that Bran could fly...


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Sorry SPOILER ep 4 (although I assume you've watched the latest ep before reading posts here).

Lame writing for the dragon's death. They could have easily seen the ships from afar unless they have an invisibility shield. It would have been more heroic to die in a real battle.

Stories and character development are rushed because of fewer episodes. Also, I read somewhere that Sansa's blahblah wasn't like a same-day thing but weeks of thinking about it.
Yeah, that's definitely been the biggest negative of the past two seasons. The rushing. This show needed the extra 7 episodes to pull of the epic ending they were hoping for. 13 was just not enough.

I agree that the dragon's death didn't make a ton of sense. But it did come as a pretty big shock! Haha.

I liked this episode more then I did last week's, which is pretty sad, considering that was supposed to be the biggest and best battle of all time. Lot of interesting things set up for the final 2 episodes. Still very excited to see how this all plays out.

Although they've stumbled a handful of times these final few seasons, I still feel very confident that they won't Dexter us. Haha.