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hello everyone! i am trying to install windows vista from hard disk. i copied the installation files and folders from my dvd to the hard disk and tried to install from it, but it gives me errors ... missing files. Does anyone have a solution for installing it from a hard disk? thanks! sohail


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I haven't used Vista yet but maybe there is something built in to prevent you from installing from the hard disk? That wouldn't surprise me with all the anti-piracy extras that Microsoft added this time around.

Are you installing from the same partition that you are installing to or did you make multiple partitions?


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Re: Windows Vista Installation


How did you "copy" the files? Did you use something like Acronis True Image 10 or do you have Vista Business, Ultimate or Enterprise editions and used the Complete PC Backup option?
hi, i have multiple partions.
c: (system, primary and active partion)
d: (have xp on it)
e: (made this empty ntfs partion for vista ultimate)
copied my dvd of vista into a folder on c: using xp explorer
from xp started setup selecting fresh install option ... half way through it says missing files. since this procedure works for xp i thought i might work vista ultimate too.
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If you copy through explorer you are bound to miss hidden files and possibly other files. You should use a method like the one Python suggested above to make sure it is a 100% exact copy of the CD files. :)
i also tried to install it using "Virtual CD v5" creating an immage of the cd but it did not work either. i think i will try Python's suggested software this time. thanks folks!