Wins By Default


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With the recent Cote vs. Silva bout, we got to see a fight get called and a W given to a participant that hardly had to earn it.
ROSEMONT, Ill. – Anderson Silva spent most of the fight fooling around and not fighting, yet he still retained his UFC middleweight championship with a bizarre TKO of Patrick Cote on Saturday just 39 seconds into the third round at Allstate Arena.
Silva was running circles around the cage and generally goofing off for most of the time. Silva cut Cote with a knee in a dull first round in which little happened, and then did even less in a second round in which he seemed to want to play to the crowd rather than fight.
Cote tried to throw some kind of a leaping punch and as he did, his right knee gave way. He immediately collapsed in pain and was shrieking on the ground. Referee Herb Dean, who was initially confused, stopped the bout and gave Silva the victory.

“I want to apologize to everyone in the stadium and everyone in the arena,” said Silva, who urged the upset fans not to boo Cote.
Cote apologized to the fans, but it was Silva who had the explaining to do. Cote at least was the one who was trying to make the fight, but Silva was playing with him for much of the fight.

With the win, Silva tied the UFC record for consecutive wins with eight, matching Royce Gracie and Jon Fitch.
Silva retains title in bizarre finish - MMA - Yahoo! Sports

Should Silva have been given the W just because Cote TKO'd himself? And this would count for any type of Fighting, Boxing, Wrestling, MMA, anything where its 1 on 1 and this type of situation can occur.


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cant belive i never saw this topic. This was a freak accident, Silva didn't directly break Cote's leg, so why does he earn a TKO. If a hockey player drops the gloves and trips over his skates.. who wins the fight? nobody!.. there is no fight, it;s not a draw.

No Contest. Is what it should be, with a scheduled rematch ASAP