Movies Winona Ryder Shoplifting AGAIN!


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Winona Ryder is crazy. She's being accused of shoplifting AGAIN. She stole over $5k worth of clothing back in 2001. Now she just stole a bag of makeup, but still.

ABC News: Celebrities Who Have It All ... and Steal

I don't understand why people with so much money feel the need to steal things. (Not that I condone stealing in other circumstances)


Hell, It's about time!
What tickles me is you know she has the money to pay for this stuff... Brad Paisley says it best... "Cuz when you're a celebrity, its adios reality, you can act just like a fool and people think you're cool just because you're on TV".


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She has a problem, she needs help because if she got caught once, and now she's stealling more stuff seven years later. It's just not normal in my opinion, and it's something that she needs to get help for and to deal with it.


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Not to mention that she's probably stolen other things during those 7 years and just not been caught.


A Darker Knight
Reminds me of Family Guy where Lois develops a shoplifting addiction and tries to steal a wheel rim. :lol:

I think Ryder should run away, like her insane character in The Crucible


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A friend took my stuff not so long ago, she would sleep over my house and then borrow my stuff. i thought it was okay until i realized most my stuff were missing when i needed them.

weeks after, i go to her house to check her closet and there they were. some were even kept from me she put it at the bottom of the closet, but i saw some of it hangin out. meaning she had no intentions of returning them. its a condition really and some say they feel like they need to get something or steal something because it makes them feel good. CRAZY

worse, when i confronted her, she got mad at me!


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Maybe she wants to know what its like not to be able to afford and have to steal things.. so she just steals them for "the rush" that someone was speaking of.