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If a team wins a championship, does that make this team the best team that year?

What I mean is this, we'll use the Steelers for an example. The Steelers just won the Super Bowl, does that make them the best team in the NFL in 2009?

Please explain your answe.


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No, I don't think winning a championship means that team is the best in the league, especially in leagues with playoffs at the end of the season. The champion is just the team that got hot at the right time. Were the Giants a better team than the Patriots last year? No.

Even without a playoff I don't think the champ is always the best team. In college football, the champion is the team who had the best season, not necessary the best team. There's a big difference.

I think the champion can only be considered the best team in a league that determines the champion by the regular season, like the English Premier League, for example. They play every other team in the league two times (home and away), and there's no playoff. Whichever team has the most points at the end of the season is the champion. And best team. How can anyone dispute that?


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In England the best team always wins the Premier League.

Chelsea won it two years running three years ago as they were the best team. Not United look like retaining it for the second team this year as they are the best team.

In other sports it's different as ateam might have a lucky run and win a championship through outrageous luck.

Generally in sport though, the team in the best form over the year will win the championship.


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You play a sports season with one goal alone - to win the championship. It doesn't matter what you acomplish in the regular season even if it's record setting, if you do not win the championship you are not the best team in the game that year.


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Stastically, the best teams rarely win. Then again, it would be boring to just play a set number of games then declare a winner. That's why we have the post season, to let the highest ranked teams duke it out. The best doesn't always win, but that doesn't change the fact that the winner is still the winner of the championship. Meaning in other words, they are not technically the best, but they are the champions of that season.


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I agree with Echoes. It's the any given Sunday rule. Just because a team makes the championship game, they could have easily gotten there by sheer luck, then playing good. They could have been in a shitty division and just happened to get into the playoffs and got lucky for 3 games.


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I think they're the luckiest. Although some of the best teams do win championships, some champions are a product of lucky breaks.


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I agree with Echoes as well. I'll just use the St Louis Cardinals for example(sorry Millz)

The last time the Cardinals won the Worls Series against the Tigers, they were clearly not the best team in the Major Leagues at that time. They just got hot at the right time, and went on to the World Series and won the whole thing.

I think using the FOOTball analogy is the best one, the winner that gets the most points than wins the championship, and are consired the best team.