Wings or Tail?

Wings or Tail?

  • Wings

    Votes: 22 95.7%
  • Tail

    Votes: 1 4.3%

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A Darker Knight
Which would you rather have?

With wings, you'd obviously be able to fly around. They won't be useless ones like a chicken's.

With a tail, you'd be able to just push things around. Being able to grab stuff would be a little unfair.

I'd go with wings. Wings are like a symbol is elegance to me, and it'd be a great way to show off "manliness" or "femininity". Plus flying is pretty mush every kid's dream. I could see weird stuff happening with tails like people dying the hair, shaving the hair, shaving gang signs, braiding, gelling it up, etc. It'd be weird.


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
I can't imagine anyone choosing the ability to move things around behind them slighly over the ability of flight :lol: but who knows there are alot of die hard cat fans out there.


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
Its still a bit of a poor alternative to flight though? unless the tail can spin like a propeller in which case we may have to recast my vote :lol:


Food Whore
I'm going to have to say wings. I'd save a bundle on traveling, cause i could just fly everywhere, and not need to go on a plane or anything.


Forum Drifter
Wings. Even though they would probably get in the way everywhere, they are more elegant and allow much more freedom. Plus I would save on gas money.

However I would rather my girl have a tail. And maybe some cat ears.


Gay As Fuck
I would so want to go with a tail, everyone want to fly. If they were given the choice they would go with wings, but I'm sticking with the tail. I would soooo love to have a long tail that would swish about and move as I commanded it to. Plus, the extra grabbing could take me far in life, lol.



The Rock is cooking atm..
In this case, I would say that it depends on the situation.

But most likely, Wings would pretty much own the tail.

Far too many pros than cons.


still nobody's bitch
Wings, definitely. :nod: Don't get me wrong, prehensile tails are pretty damn cool, but it would have to be a pretty damn big tail to do a person any good.

Wings would kick ass seven ways til Sunday