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Wine and Design Fun Night Out


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I noticed these art studios have popped up that offer a relatively inexpensive night out with friends. I had seen other friends post about them on social media, so I looked up a local studio and planned a small group outing this past Friday. You can create art (in my case we painted wine glasses!) and share a bottle of wine with friends for around $25-$35. An art instructor is on hand to help you create your masterpiece while you enjoy some fun and laughter with your friends. If you have never been to one, I highly recommend it. My wine glasses turned out awesome, and all my friends raved about it! We are going to try and go again before Christmas.


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My wife and I have been a couple of times and I agree that it was fun and worth trying. It was affordable too.. We jazzed up plates once and mirrors another time.


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I came out of a theater in Ambler during intermission last night and saw a group of people across the street just leaving from one of these sessions. It was dark, I couldn't see the artwork but the people were smiling and enjoying themselves.

I hadn't heard of this before. The friend I was with (actual theater patrons with their name on the board inside the theater, who knew?) seemed to know all about them.


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There is a place like that near me too. You can paint a picture while sharing wine and snacks, I have never done it but I really want to go try it out. It sounds like a fun thing to do with a group of my friends. I think there is also a pottery one too but I'd rather paint.


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It is a wonderful experience. There is a studio close by that does this. The artist/owner helps you with every aspect of the picture you are painting. The group I was in painted a starfish. This was my first experience with painting and I must say it turned out very good. Wine and snacks were served also!!
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