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Windows Vista HD Limitations


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Staff member
This is a disturbing read...



I wonder if my widescreen monitor supports this. It's around a year old and costs as much as my entire computer did. How fun it will be to be blocked from HD-DVD just because some people feel the need to pirate.

And speaking of pirating, it seems it will be next to impossible without deep hacking Windows source, which of course is not available to the public.

I find this disturbing though, because unlike many people, I buy all my DVD's from the store. Now honest paying customers won't even be able to play HD-DVD and Blu-Ray movies.

And if you don't read the entire article, you should also know that this entire issue is NOT a reason to stick with XP. Why? Because XP can't run HD-DVD or Blu-Ray right now anyway, and when the updates are released to enable this, it will be based on the same technology used in Vista to block output except to brand new monitors. And not even EVERY new monitor...



Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I don't pirate video, so this really doesn't bother me at all.

What does anger me about this is the line about blocking output only to certain monitors. That actually pissed me off. For some time now I've been planning to create a system that isn't just a home theater computer, it would be the entire amp/reciever. The only part I've yet to find is a video card a single HD I/O. I'm geniunely angry that I may never be able to do this now.