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Windows Setup Won't Read Hard Drive


Well-Known Member
I just bought a Dell Power Edge 2650 Server computer for personal use. (for just $40 on ebay)

It came with the following.

1 500W hot plug power supply
1 CD Drive (which I think I'm gonna switch out for a DVD drive)
1 Floppy Drive
2 Intel Xeon 2.4 processors
2 GB ECC DDR RAM (in 512mb sticks, 6 DIMMs, expandable to 12gb)
1 Built in 8mb video card (I'm gonna add a PCI video card later once I get it working)
3 PCI-X slots (not PCI-Express, backwards compatible with PCI 2.2 and later)
1 RAID DIMM (I'm yet to put anything in there)

It did not come with a hard drive so I had to buy one, it doesn't support any kind but SCSI, which happens to be very fast.

I'm trying to install Windows XP Professional (32-bit) on it but can't seem to get the setup to read the hard drive (most likely because it's SCSI, not IDE or SATA)

I know that I need to get a third party driver of some kind to make the setup read the hard disk but I can't find one anywhere.

I don't have the Manufacturers support Disk (wish I did) and know hardly anything about booting drivers to get hardware working.

Here is the make of the Hard Drive...
seagate cheetah st173404lcv
It's a 73.4GB Seagate 6.1ms 10KRPM 16mb 80 Pin
got it for $25.

Does anybody know how I can get the windows XP setup to read the disk drive?

I've already gone to this site.
Drivers & Downloads

here I put all of the non-RAID SCSI files on a floppy and tried to boot from there, in windows setup it recognizes the file that I'm trying to boot from, but then when I continue it won't read the hard drive.

I have never worked with SCSI hard drives before so I don't know much about them at all.

Anybody have any ideas on how I could get windows XP Pro setup to read the hard disk?


Registered Member
I would suggest checking the cable connecting the motherboard is securely in place, as I know it sounds stupid, but it is more common than it seems. Also, you could make sure there is an appropriate "autorun" file on the floppy.

Hope this helps!



Well-Known Member
Yeah I actually got it fixed, as it turns out the end of the drive was warped ever so slightly (it uses drawer style SCSI, so what I did was just get a new drive (2 new drives actually at 40gb a piece) The thing works just fine now. It has XP Pro and sits running under the bed.

I did however find out that this thing isn't gonna support any kind of expansion video card, I put in a PCI 1gb card and it wouldn't boot because it said "expansion video cards not supported".

So I just use it as a home server.