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Windows - Search Facility


New Member
Hiya all. I am hoping one of you can help me out with a problem I am currently having with the windows search.

When trying to use the windows search function the results which come back only show the top level folder, i.e. Q:\ instead of the actual names of the documents.

For example, if I seach the C:\ drive on my local PC for file name "Staff" then the results will work and the results will show the "Staff" word document in this case.

The problem is, if i then do this exact same search on a network drive, Q:\ for example, and then enter the file name as "Staff", the results that are shown are just the main drive, Q:\ and this is repeated several hundred times in the search results with no actual result.

This is an issue cropping up on a number of PC's and suspect there is a registry problem or corrupt system file somewhere. I have tried formatting my PC and having no windows updates installed, only to find the same thing is happening. I have also ensure that my PC does not have the search indexing windows component installated.

I would imagine this problem is server based but it is strange that many people are still getting the correct search results back. As such, i would be grateful for any help you guys can offer.




Sssssuper Platinum ******
Hi Scott,

May I ask what version of Windows you are using on your local machine?
Also, what is your view results set to display?
  1. Thumbnails
  2. Tiles
  3. Icons
  4. List
  5. Details
I am using Windows 2000 Pro to connect to the network and keep my view on Details and so far, I do not have a problem.