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Windows Live


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The big news this week is Windows Live. Microsoft recently unveiled www.LIVE.com.

It's the #1 traffic website this week, and is also looking more and more like a threat to Gmail and Google overall.

The website is a search and news portal, that also includes a new email concept called "Live email" which will be like Outlook, including having a preview pane. It will most likely be AJAX dependant and take advantage of all of the latest coding techniques out there.

There is also a mention of a Live Messenger, which will be the new name for MSN Messenger.

With IE 7.0 around the corner, and this new Windows Live, AND the new XBOX coming out this month, I'd expect to see Microsoft stock continue to rise.


It's been going up for the past 5 days. :)


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What's the story behind the web address live.com? Did MS already own that or did they pay some coin for it? It would be interesting if they bought it. I haven't seen a big name purchase like this one in years.
I like the site. MS is taking the ball back so to speak. It reminds me of my yahoo, but a lot faster and easier to use. The safety scan looks awesome and is going to kill the other virus programs. The site doesn't look as good in FireFox. Firfox doesn't do well with some of the asp stuff right? (I have no clue what I'm talking about) That's probably by design too.
I am exploring the site as I type this - I am also getting a virus scan which seems very non-intrusive. The shopping is kinda screwy, not as good as froogle. I pulled an ebay listing and when I jumped to ebay I went to the home page. With froogle, it will take you to the auction or use the ebay find similar feature.


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Nope, Microsoft bought it sometime earlier this year.

Here's what it used to be: http://web.archive.org/web/20041126052107/http://www.live.com/

I have no clue how much it was, because it was't made public. I actually remember checking that site last year to see what it was. I figured it might be for XBOX LIVE, but it's surprising that Microsoft now owns it and is using it for another purpose. I wouldn't be surprised if they incorporate XBOX LIVE links into it at least.

The whole site intrugues me. I signed up for the beta, so hopefully I will get an email soon letting me in. :)