Win now, or develop?


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Would your rather have your team now or develop young talented players to eventually become a power house in the future?

I'll use the Celtics for an example they had young studs like Gomes and Jefferson but decided to trade those young studs to get a superstar in Garnett, and the next year it paid off with a Championship.

But with that trade the Celtics only have Rando that is young and promising.



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It depends. Usually I'd rather win now and not worry about the future, but if that means the team will be left with a depleted roster the next year (think Florida Marlins post-championship years) and go through a long rebuilding process, then I think I'd rather develop young players and have a strong team for years to come.

Playing to win now is like putting all your eggs in one basket. There's no guarantee the team will win the title or even compete for one. If they don't win, then everybody gets screwed over for a long time to come.


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Seeing as I'm a Pirates fan, and I feel like they've been developing for 17+ years, I prefer to win now..

..but taking a young team and developing them can mean more championships for you if you're a good coach that knows the in's and out's of the game.

For example, this year.. the Raiders are a very young team when it comes to the main positions on offense.. QB, WR, RB, TE. If you have a coach that can develop young talent well enough, you can probably have an offense that you just don't know what their going to do. Russell, McFadden, Bush, Hayward-Bay, Murphy and Miller could be one hell of an offense.


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I think it depends as well but honestly I'd rather win NOW...the future may work out and it may not. Prospects are just that, prospects. You dont really know whether those guys are going to pan out or not.

It was like that when the Cardinals traded for Matt Holliday. They gave up their biggest prospect and two others to win today...well its paid off in a division title. We mortgaged the future to win today and I'm cool with it. People live in the present.