Wilt Chamberlain

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Veloci-T, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. Veloci-T

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    have anyone noticed he had 32 60+ games in his career? im sorry if this is old news but i dont really like him that much anymore( i still do but not as much) becuz hes probably a big ball hog

  2. Babe_Ruth

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    WE all know Wilt was a great player, and he once average 50ppg during a season, and he once scored 100 points in a game, he's one of the best big man to ever play the game, he had great battles against Bill Russell, which Russell usually came on top. He was a great player and he's top 4 of all time.
  3. oxyMORON

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    I think his teammates purposely let him have such high stats. A player doing that today would be criticized badly.
  4. Fresh

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    Well this depends on the talent he had around him, if he players with players who's talent levels arent always high ofcourse he is going to take control of the game in what ever way possible.
  5. Wilt was great but something that needs to be brought up is the type of competition he was playing against. Yea Bill Russell he had shut him down a couple times, but most of the Centers back then were 6-8 220 pound soft players. Wilt was 7-0 260 pounds, his strength and soft touch is illegal.

    What I'm saying is Wilt was great but obviously there is no way he would get 50 ppg and 25 rpg in today's game. He would get somewhere around 25-30 ppg and 10-14 rpg. That would still make him a legend.
  6. He was so dominant. There was nobody on earth as dominant as him, and he just own'd the NBA back then.

    I believe he was the only 7 footer in the NBA at the time.

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