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Discussion in 'NFL' started by Babe_Ruth, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Babe_Ruth

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    We started to talk about McGahee in the Browns thread, and I didn't want that thread to go towards him, so I decided to start a thread of Willis.

    I'm sure that a lot of people will disagree with me on this one, but I truly believe that McGahee is a great running, espcially after what happened to him in his final college game. His best season he rushed for 1247 yards, and I'd be happy with that number from a running back, I know he had five td's that season but the followin year he had 13 touchdowns, so I know he can score the football. I believe that he will have his best season with the Ravens, he's off to a decent start he has rush for close to 200 yards now in 45 attempts.

    You have to take into consideration that he almost never played a game in the NFL, but he rehabed his knee and he got selected by the Bills, and my opinion hes had a good career so far, and he's only 25 years old, so he has lots of football left.

  2. Zanthrax54

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    You couldn't be more right about the knee injury! I've got to watch literally EVERY game in WM's career. So I am speaking based on what I truly know about the man as a running back...HE IS NOT EXPLOSIVE, HE DOES NOT HIT THE HOLE HARD, AND HE DANCES AROUND IN THE BACKFIELD LIKE HE'S ON DANCING WITH THE STARS...

    He mustered a whooping 3.9 yards a carry last year, with only 6 td's and a total of 990 yards rushing...NOT NEARLY THE PRODUCTION YOU NEED FROM A SO CALLED "ELITE BACK"

    I wanted Willis to succeed as much as the next Bills fan, hell I even have his jersey! But He just is not an elite back and will never have that "home run" ability like he did in college pre-injury. Is it amazing he made a come back to be an NFL starting running back, SURE IS. Am I happy for him, I SURE AM. Is going to help the Ravens and "upgrade" their running back situation? NOWAY IN HELL.

    Again, I'm not a typical bitter Bills fan here, I've simply seen every game he's ever played in the pro's and he's never had that killer instint that the greats have and he's never even busted a HUGE RUN EVER. In the NFL AT LEAST...and yes, I'm sure it was b.c. of his injury, but whatever the reason may be, HE'S NOT GOING TO UPGRADE THE RAVENS RUN GAME, THEY WOULD BE BETTER OFF STARTING MUSA SMITH (a fellow I played against in high school) B.C. Smith hits the holes hard and has the breakaway ability that Mcgahee can only dream about.

    :yes: :lol: :yes: :lol:
  3. Swiftstrike

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    As I said in the previous thread McGahee is overrated. Its great that he came back from injury. It great that hes a starter. But he doesnt get T.D.s or yards in the same season.

    It isnt a great back. But he isnt bad. There are Ten RBs easily in the NFL that I would want in my backfield over McGahee.

    Hes fast hes elusive but he makes poor decisions when hitting the hole.

    He will have a better season with the Ravens than the Bills. But hes not on pace to be a Hall of Famer....
  4. Lone Eagle

    Lone Eagle Registered Member

    You forget a very long scamper for a touchdown against my beloved NY Jets last year sir. :sad:
  5. Zanthrax54

    Zanthrax54 Guest

    I also failed to mention that the JETS ARE THE ONLY TEAM HE COULD EVER DO SHIT AGAINST...as to why that is exactly I have no clue b.c. it's not like the Jets run defense was that terrible...In his four years in Buffalo, only three in which he played, he averaged 117.5 yards a game against the Jets, the ONLY TEAM HE PLAYED MORE THAN ONCE AND AVERAGED MORE THAN 100 YARDS A GAME AGAINST...The Ravens just played the Jets and he only managed 97 yards, with no td's of course...

    I'm A HUGE FAN in general and I am in no way hating on WM just b.c. he use to be a bill...if anything, I'm pulling for him, I have no beef with him at all...I'm just letting everyone know that he's not a great back, and he's never going to be a great back...If he was going to be a franchise back, the bills ex hall of fame coach and current general manager Marv Levy, would have never traded him.
  6. StroShow

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    I'm a huge fan of Willis McGahee, and I mean huge. I've followed him since day 1 during his Miami Hurricane days till now. He was one of the best college backs i've seen in a very long time, but after that tragic injury in the game vs Ohio State he's never been the same player. That knee injury made him lose a lot of mobility, and confidence. He got really lucky that he got selected in the first round(I really thought he'd be a second or thrid round pick), and yet people seem to bash him because he's not performing like he did in Miami.

    Even though it's been a few years now that he got operated on that injury he's still 25 years of age...he still has a long career ahead of him. Am I saying that he'll average around 1500 yds and 10+ touchdowns in the next 7-9 years? No...but he'll have a few seasons that he'll surprise everyone because he can be that good. He just needs to get that swagger/confidence that he once had in Miami. I'm sure everytime he dances in the backfield he has that freak accident in the back of his head.

    CJBSRS Guest

    Those accidents are what prevent players from becomeing great again. You see it all the time. That fear becomes a paralyzer. I was exstatic when the Bills took him in the draft. And now that he's a Raven I have hopes. But another problem he is going to is the Line in Baltimore isnt the greatest anymore. Its not the same line that made wholes for Jamal. Well in fact for the most part it is and they are aging. And with him dancing back there its not a good combunation. The Boy was stellar at Miami. I couldnt get enough of watching him there. But at times it pains me to see him just get over the accident and play again. he shows flashes but no consistency. Once he gets that done he'll be fine
  8. macattack87

    macattack87 Guest

    Willis McGahee is nothing special, just another NFL running back, he is not bad but nothing great... I mean LT, LJ, Edgerin James, hell even Stephen Jackson or Clinton Portis are much better runners then he is

    He is still pretty fast, considering what happened to his knee, but he is nothing special like some of the guys listed above... He won't be remembered after he leaves the league and that is what marks a great player

    He won't be "Willis McGahee, the best running back of his time" Hell, he won't even crack the top 15 or 20 probably, sure he is good but so were a couple other hundred typical backs that have played

    Again, not ripping on him but he is not what some are describing him here
  9. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    I am not saying he's a superstar, I just believe that people don't give him enough credit, he goes out there every sunday and gets the job done. Now he doesn't get a lot of touchdowns which really hurts him, but he still gets around 100 yards a game, sometimes he has his off days and he'll rush for around 70 yards, but I believe that is because he didn't many touches.

    I agree that the O Line of the Ravens is not what it was a couple of years ago, but I believe it's still strong and they should make holes for McGahee. I believe he'll have his best year yet. Don't forget he's only 25.
  10. macattack87

    macattack87 Guest

    well, I actually think he gets about the credit he deserves, it is not like he is ignored, I see him on Sports Center every sunday and in pre-game shows the analysts say he will be a big part of the game

    Maybe that is because the Bills and the Ravens have no passing attack or because he is a great runner. To say he will have his best year yet this early into the year may be a strech.

    Is Johnathan Ogden injured? If he is I say Mcgahee barely reaches 1000 yards now that Baltimore is focusing more heavily on their passing game

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