William Regal


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Personally I'm very mad that he won the IC Title against Santino, and I really hope that he doesn't hold the title for a very long time.

I've never been a fan of him, he's a good wrestler, but very boring to watch in my opinion, don't like him talking on the microphone either.

He's been given so many oppurtunities in the WWE, which is really surprising because he's got suspended a few times.



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I love William Regal. Amazing wrestler and I think hes pretty solid on the Mic.

His KOTR match with CM punk was amazing. I still think hes got what it takes to be top of the WWE and hopefully he doesn't screw up again.


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Pissed off man, Santino is a more honest worker to the company than Regal, this is just a slap in the face to Santino.


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I'm not mad it was Regal who won the IC title but I'm mad Santino lost it at all. One of the most entertaining parts of RAW has been Santino and the HonkoMeter and now its gone.

I think Regal is a very good worker, a stiff worker and is solid on the mic. I've always been a fan and I'm sure he'll do well in this role. BUT I thought what they were doing with Marella was good and they shouldnt have pulled the plug on it.


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they had to pull the plug on the santino 'honkometer' sometime i guess. They couldn't exactly keep it going for the whole year, but i wouldn't have minded seing it go on for a little longer. Hopefully Santino still has an active role though. I'm sure we'll see more meters and gimmicks that might beat the honkometer anyways.

As for regal winning it, delighted.


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I think the Honkometer was amazing and funny, I didn't want him to beat the record of HonkyTonk man, but I wanted him to get very close, but now it's all over. Hopefully, he'll get his chance to regain the belt.