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Will you upgrade your DVD collection?


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Staff member
There is talk about a new standard for movies soon, including the possibility that Blu-Ray or HD-DVD will take over.

The big question is, will you re-purchase your DVD's on the new format, or will you stick with the DVD format? The quality is likely to improve on many of the movies due to the fact that a better quality image will fit on the disk. This will depend on the original film recording available, but for the most part, unless you have a HD big screen, you won't see a difference.

So, what are your thoughts? I personally would buy some of my movies again, like Lord of the Rings, but I think for the most part the older movies won't take advantage of the new format as much as newer movies will.

Videogames on the other hand, will have 100x bigger worlds, and will probably benefit most from the new formats. I am pretty sure that the PlayStation 3 is going to utilize Blu-Ray technology, which will blow XBOX 360 out of the water. :)


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Probably not. I MIGHT buy an Xbox 360 next year... I probably won't buy a PS3 until long after that. And I'm DEFINITELY not buying a Blu-ray or HD-DVD player.