Will you pay for downloading wallpaper?


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I wouldn't personally pay for wallpapers to download. I rarely change my wallpapers, and when i do, there are plenty of free places to get them from like deviantart, or even google.


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Agreed, there are plenty of free sources of wallpaper, so I would never pay for any. I've got hundreds that I've downloaded for free or made myself. I'd much rather use those.


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Like others have said theres too many ways to get free wallpaper so no I would never pay. It's too easy to just make your own wallpaper anyways, you don't even have to have any skills at all to make your own. I never in a million years think anyone trying to sell wallpaper will have any success.


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Yea, to hell with paying for wallpapers. Long as I take copys from pics off of the internet, paying for them isnt going to happen.


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I paid for my camera. If I want a new wallpaper I will take the picture myself. I hardly ever use pictures that are free, but, I'm not going to pay for wallpaper EVER.


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I'd never, ever pay for a wallpaper. Just like I"d never pay for MP3's, screen savers, radio, or pleasuring myself. There's just some things in this world that should always be free.


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I wouldn't pay for a wallpaper as there are free sorces on the web. The quality and selection might not be as good.