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TV Will They/Won't They


Do you like this type of storyline? How important is it to you in your TV series? Do you like it in hour-long dramas or sitcoms better? Which is/was your favorite will they/won't they couple on TV?


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I don't watch much Tv shows like that anymore....I loathe the show Friends....and I honestly can't think of any show that has the scenario you are talking about.
Years ago, when I was a stay-at-home Mommy.....I would watch a soap opera, All My Children.....so I could answer with Luke and Laura ~LoL~
Would they get together or would they not....*ha*....it was a big deal back in those days :)


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I liked it with House and Cuddy in House. Them getting together completely ruined House for me. I thought it would be great when they finally did, but it sucked. I think it's okay as long as it remains will they/won't they and doesn't progress to anything else.


I find it boring. The only time it worked was Ross and Rachel in Friends.
That entire show was terrible. :lol:

I think the two best examples of this were Mulder & Scilly and Jim & Pam. I believe once they got together, boths shows started to dip in quality. Thankfully for The X-Files, it didn't happen until the end of the series.

Some other good examples are Dawson & Joey, J.D. & Elliot, Jack & Kate and Tony & Dr. Melfi.


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How can anyone think Friends was terrible? Sure towards the end it wasn't as good but it was absolutely hilarious on the whole.


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Eh, I can't stomach Friends just like I can't stomach Gilmore Girls. I just never found it funny either.

The 'will they/won't they' thing isn't a storyline type, it's a story writing technique. It's just building towards a climax because you're obviously going to get an answer eventually. I hate when it's drawn out over endless episodes but then again, it's all about how well executed it is.


How can anyone think Friends was terrible? Sure towards the end it wasn't as good but it was absolutely hilarious on the whole.
I didn't find it all that funny... and I didn't care about any of the characters, because most of them annoyed me.
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I liked it when they used that writing technique on The Big Bang Theory with Penny and Leonard, so that one has to be my favorite one, which hasn't been mentioned on this thread yet.


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for comedy sitcoms, i don't think much as change in 20 years, because a half-hour episode more than enough for me. only thing, a family comedy, they focused more one child or children as scene stealers. cloris leachman and betty white, who are great to watch, talking comeback, a whole new generation to watch them. as for drama show, an hour episode, most time , it really enough! only different, from drama shows, that was made 20 years ago, these days, drama shows, deals with more current issues, than 20 years ago.