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Cancer and Aids are two of the worse disease out there, and neither of them have a cure to heal the disease. Do you think they'll find a cure in the next fifty years?

Between these two diseases which one is more important to have a cure first?


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I think cancer is probably worse but they are both pretty bad. As for finding a cure, I don't know if this will be possible. These diseases aren't nearly as simple as things like the common cold. They are viruses that affect the victim on a cell level. Medicine itself doesn't change cell structure (as far as I know) so there would need to be something entirely new thought up to combat them successfully.


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I think that a cure for cancer isn't that far off. Somebody who was terminal was cured of skin cancer last year, so i'm sure once they figure one out it'll be a huge boost to figuring out cures to other types of cancer

FOXNews.com - Doctors 'Cure' Skin Cancer Patient Using His Own Blood Cells - Health News | Current Health News | Medical News

As for AIDS though, as far as i know it's a virus that's constantly evolving and changing isn't it? So i'm not sure if a cure for that is on the horizon....


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I think a cure for cancer will be found one day in the far away future. We will all be long gone by then but I do believe it'll happen.


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I've seen promising studies and hopefully I'd live to see that day when a cure is found for both. If there has to be a choice which one should come first, I'll choose cancer because some AIDS patients do die from non-HIV related causes, one of them being cancer.
There will be cure for cancer eventually after years of intensive research. By the looks of things HIV won't have a cure, only medication to slow down the inevitable.


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I think they will find a preventative for cancer, rather than a full blown cure. I know there is already a injection that you can get to help prevent against cervical cancer, so hopefully it's only a matter of time before there are preventatives for other cancers.

As for AIDS, I think the cure for that is further off, as there hasn't been as much progression in treating it as there has been with cancer.

I think both are as important as each other to find a cure for. They are both deadly, so why should one be more important than the other?


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There's already an incident when someone has been "cured" of his HIV after a bone marrow transplant. They're looking into how this information will help in the AIDS research, like maybe resorting to gene therapy strategies in the future to combat the disease.


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I think that there will probably never be a way to cure 100% of all cancer patients or AIDs patients for that matter. It all has to rely on medications and different advancements in treatments as well as the condition of the patient already and when the disease is caught. I hope they discover a way to cure a stage 4D cancer patient, but the grim side of me seems to think that even if we are able to cure cancer, that people with cancer that severe are going to be left with little hope. When i think about it people can die from anything despite the fact that we think of it as curable.

However, there are great advancements in cancer already. There are certain types that have a 95 - 97% cure rate, and that is HUGE! Most AIDs patients live significantly long lives now, and I think at the rate of things within 50 Years we will either see a cure for most cancers or almost all types of cancer will have a 90% survival rate or higher. I also think that we will see significantly different ways of treating cancer within the next 50 years, things that will treat it with fewer side effects or what not.

I would rather see cancer cured before AIDs honestly. I feel like cancer is the bigger threat to our society, and I as I would love to see AIDs cured as soon as possible on a personal level cancer is the one I will be voting for.
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I'd say cancer is worse. AIDS is more of a chronic illness that can be maintained with a cocktail of medication and you can live a full life. Cancer on the other hand depending on the type can be removed like it was nothing, or kill you in 3 months.