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Discussion in 'Hockey' started by Babe_Ruth, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. Babe_Ruth

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    With this new ERA of hockey and the Salary Cap will there ever be another Dynasty Team in the NHL? I'll comment after I get a few replies.

  2. andrew_bishop

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    Well there has the making to be one right under our noses . Pittsburgh might not be a top contender yet but damn it they are getting up there for sure. No matter how much we dislike them or certain players of their team we have to admit they are the best chance we have currently of seeing a "dynasty" so to speak in the NHL. The team might be young but they have alot of skill. Crosby is said to be the next Gretzky and no matter how much I hate to admit it people do have a point when they say this because he is full of skill and despite I think they have put a little to much emphasis on him I think he is still very good and the future of hockey as we know it. Combine him with Jordan Stall who in his short time in the NHL and Evegni Malkin and you have a top line for the ages. Then they have one of the future's most bright goalies in Marc Andre Fleury. He is a goalie that brings to mind the style that Loungo brings to the table. With Ryan Whitney on defence and others like Ryan Malone , Eric Cristenson (Sp) and many more the team is deffinately the best example of a team I can think of that we could say is going to have atleast somewhat of a chance to become the next NHL "dynasty" so to speak in the NHL.

    Before there is any team truly deserving of the team dynasty to rule the NHL again I think we need to scatter through the remains of the NHL and its sytem and get rid of a couple rules. Detroit I think are the last best example of a dynasty and why because they had so many good players and they were able to get those players because they had the money to afford them. Whether or not the NHL is going to be able to have a no salry cap ever again remains unseen. Until then it will obv be hard for teams to have the players to form a dynasty in the NHL because top players these days look out for themselves and try to satisfy themselves with a big pay check that alot of teams might not be able to afford in the coming years.

    There is no doubt that within the next 20 years we are not likely to see a dynasty as good as the Oilers or the Canadians of the past but im sure we can see a series of good teams develop over the next few years and maybe in a few years we could see the making of a powerful dynasty in the NHL.
  3. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    Your knowledge impresses me so i'll rep you for that reply.

    You stole the thoughts of my head. The penguins have amazing young talent, and in a few years they'll be even scarier. In my mind there the only team who could possibly pull of a dynasty. But in my mind they'll never win more then 3 stanley cups. As long as the salary cap is in the NHL I think that speaking of a Dynasty is just a dream. And there's no way that the Penguins will be able to afford all those players when their entrly contacts are over. Especially a Crosby and Malkin. Even if the players want to stay there's no way it's possible for the Penguins to keep all this young nucleus.

    And besides the Penguins I don't see another team having all the young talent that they have to pull off a dynasty.
  4. andrew_bishop

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    Well there is a chance for any team I mean tomorrow the caps could trade Ovechkin to the Leafs and the Pens trade Crosby and the Hurricanes trade Stall and it go like that. I mean its very unlikely to happen but there is always the chance that something will happen and we can never say that one team will NEVER pull off a dynasty because we never know. By dynasty I mean a team that wins a couple conference titles and a few cups and is always a team to mess with. By this I think we could say the Wild have been a small dynasty to start off their stint in the NHL. They have gone far in the playoffs a couple times and no matter what they are a team to be worried about whenever we see them on a schedule. They are not among the top ones of all time but they have a small respectable one for thus far in their career.

    Lets take a trip back in time shall we , Your a coach of the Oilers during their 80s run. You know you have a lot of talent right in front of you so what do you do? You try and get these players to commit to the team right away. The Pens have either dug themselves into a hole or made some of the best moves in the history of the game. I mean they can not go out and sign player with this caliber anymore because of the cap but if they can convince the players to take a small pay cut over 5-6 years or even 3-4 and then over those years show that the team has a winning product and that there is a future there and the players develop relationships then they might take a cut in pay and the team will win a couple cups and a few division or conference titles. Selanne and Kariya did it a few years ago in order to go to Colorado.

    There is no easy way of telling if they will do this or not but one thing is for sure and that is that they have the best young stars of any team and in the old NHL we would be set for another run like the Oilers did. But of course the game has changed so much. I think the real event that will be if the Pens move or not. If they move to say Las Vegas I see little doubt in my mind that all these players will stay put but if they can stay in the city then I don't know I think they could pull it off with some help.
  5. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    Let's be realistic here. The Penguins sucked for five straight years and they got the number one or number two overall picks over those years. Which were obviously not bad picks. With the salary cap I beleive there's no way a team will be that bad for that long. It's seemingly impossible. And even if one big name gets traded to a team, it doesn't mean it will lead to a dynasty.

    In my mind the Penguins have four years to get thier Stanley Cups, after those four years some key piece from their team will go to another team for more money. That's what Un-restricted Free Agency do to you, and that's another reason why I believe a dynasty is not possible.

    PS: Karyia and Selanne took pay cuts because their careers were coming to an end and they wanted to win a stanley cup. There's no way all the young players from Pittsburgh will do that because they'll have way many more opputonities else where.
  6. Forbidden v2

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    Basically, the Penguins were a joke in the season before the lockout, but after getting key draft picks they became better.. and better. When some of the contracts expire (Crosby, Malkin, Staal, Whitney, Fleury etc), there is no way that we will be able to keep all of them, some of them will have to be let go. Not that we need all of them to win a stanley cup, but the way things are looking now if we don't pull someone in this is our best chance this year and the next 2 years or so.

    Detroit is somewhat of a dynasty, they've had the same players forever they just aren't able to go all the way. Lidstrom, Draper, Maltby etc have been with them for many years. Because the NHL has been changing so much, we will probably have to wait a few more years to see if anyone becomes a good enough core team to become a dynasty, but right now as much of a homer I am about it Pittsburgh is probably the closest.
  7. andrew_bishop

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    Detroit is the modern day dynasty of the NHL. They might not seem as powerful as the ones before but they have had some strong teams that have gone a long way. But they have one major fault , Its either they are in the cup finals or they are out after the first round. Now that is not always the case but they have been upset by Edmonton and Anaheim before in years that I think they would have won the cup. The Pens I can't see holding onto any of their players really because they are just not a city that alot of these young kids want to be playing in. Im sure yes they can hold them there for a few years but nothing more. And yes I agree that there is no way there will be able to hold on to all their star players I was just factoring in the fact that there is a chance no matter how slim it is.

    The NHL is in a place now where we have basically eliminated the chance of a dynasty team like in the past. We will see teams that can go far but not like the teams before so who's really wrong us for saying that there is no dynasty because im sure teams will be able to pull of a few cups in a row and some titles and is that not what we call a dynasty or are the people that say that a dynasty is just a bunch of players over about 10 years that are unstoppable. It really comes down to what you think a dynasty in the NHL is. If you are one of the people who think that the Oiler legacy of the past is the only type of a dynasty that we can have then there will not likely be a dynasty for quite some time but if your one of those people that says a dynasty is just winning some titles over a few years then we might see one of those.

    Personally I think there is a middle wash between both. In my mind a dynasty is a team that can hold on to the task of being among the best in the NHL over 5-7 years and win a few cups and some conference titles and really strike fear in opponents due to your skilled players and your physical guys that will lay you out if you touch the stars. Is there a chance that we will see them in the NHL again? Well there is a chance of anything but I think we would have to see a smaller one before a bigger one and I think we would really take for granted the shorter one because we only remember the long ones of the past for example the Oilers or the Habs.
  8. Babe_Ruth

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    It seems that we have a different opinion about the word dynasty. Because I don't consider Detroit being a dynasty team. They might be at the top of the Western Conference every year, but if you havent won 2 or 3 stanley cups in like 5 years then you shouldn't be considered a dynasty team. It's like saying that Ottawa as been a dynasty because they've been first place in the East for so many years. In the past you could consider the Coloradu Avalanche or Detroit Red Wings a dynasty because they did finish high in the standings and they did win the Stanley Cups, but today you cant because there not winning the big won.
  9. andrew_bishop

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    Well I guess then we will share a different opinion on this topic because I think that to be a dynasty team you have to have some sucess over a short period of time and although they might not have won the cup those years they have still had a good run. Do I say they are a big dynasty no but they are the higest ranked one of the over last few years. Im not saying they are one of the best of all time but they have to be one because they did win a few cups in a few years and year after year they are a team to mess with.

    I share your opinion in one sense. You are right that is a proper defination of a dynasty so to speak in the NHL however im one of the younger fans of the NHL because I only got to see games starting in 97 and I was only 5 but I still understood what these teams were fighting over and the basic records and stuff like that but I have never seen one of the runs like the Oilers or the Habs so I make due with seeing these teams pull off a few cup runs and thats what I consider a dynasty.

    Teams today just do not have the ability to form an old NHL dynasty because they just can not afford to anymore. Thats one of the better things about the new system in the NHL. Not just one team dominates year after year like this year we are seeing the Sabres and the Ducks among the NHL top teams while in the past we always saw the Wings and Avs and while they might still be good teams they are no longer in the same system of NHL. It takes a real good GM now a days to make a team that is capaible of becoming the next dynasty in the NHL. Will it ever be done again is a serious question that we have to ask ourselves and lets say for the heck of it maybe. Because there is a chance that it could happen. Am I saying it will no but im saying that there could be some team out there that rises above the rest and becomes the next dynasty
  10. Adama0905

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    No. As witnessed from the Hurricanes, teams will not be great for years in a row. They might be able to be a good team yes, but not great. With the cap, you can't have a great core of franchise players anymore, because even if they do not as of yet have a big contract, they will be getting one in a few years. So I do not believe so.

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