Will there ever be a non-light skin main character in a Square Enix game?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by viLky, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. viLky

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    Will there?

    It's not my biggest frustration with Square Enix, although I do wonder why they don't create a game with a non-light skin main character. Is it because of them being based in Japan and trying to give the impression that the main character is you, and thus use strictly using light skin characters?

    When GTA: SA came out there were concerns on message boards about CJ being black and how it'll effect the game in a way that it won't be good. I never understood that, and when the game came out it was excellent; perhaps even the best in the whole GTA series.

    I'm just curious is all.
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  2. Malificus

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    I wouldn't want a black main character in a jrpg. Because of how the Japanese almost always treat black characters.
  3. viLky

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    The only ones I remember are Barret and Rude from Final Fantasy 7. Barret was a hothead terrorist leader of The AVALANCE group while Rude worked with The Turks. With that, Reno was light skinned and worked with Rude, and Tifa was light skinned and worked with Barret. I don't know about how they treated them since they did the same to the light skinned characters.
  4. Malificus

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    A lot of anime and manga with a black character treat them like a blackface actor. Or the characters come out as the Japanese fantasy of what black people are like.

    Two examples would be Panther from Eyeshield 21 and Bob from Tenjho Tenge. Neither is bad, but you can't read more then like, 2 pages with them before you get another refference from one of the other characters in the series about how Panther's/Bob's black physique gives them an edge.
  5. Syndicate

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    There aren't too many black protagonist in games at all really, nevermind Square. CJ from GTA was about the most credible I could think of. And many that are included, usually as an extra, often slip into urban stereotypes. Cole Train from GoW comes to mind:


    Does make you wonder a few things. Are developers purposely pandering to racism, or are they merely factoring in their audiences racism to protect a potential loss of sales/interest? I wonder how many black employee work for game developers these days.

    I don't necessarily believe the stereotyping is intentional but it's certainly not helpful.
  6. Nosferatu_Alucard

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    I would not say the characters in SE games have been very light skinned. There are no albinos. Look at Tidus. He definitely has some tone to his skin.
  7. Merc

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    The real question is: Who gives a shit?

    Seriously, who gives a shit? In America, we're taught that if we don't give equal time to everyone that we're assholes who should die in a fire while in other more culturally sane places they realize that if you don't include an important character of a different race, that you're not racist.

    It's bullshit.
  8. viLky

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    That's what I was thinking as well. I bet Square Enix will sooner release a blue/green main character than a black one.

    I bet American video game creators will be leading the charge into being the first to release a RPG where a black character is the main character. I believe once Square Enix sees how well this game sells, they'll decide then whether or not to create a game with a black main character.

    If they do decide to do this they should create a character such as Kiros Seagill from Final Fantasy 8 where his race played ZERO part in the story. Just create a game around him being the main hero and focusing ZERO attention around his race like all other RPG games do. No stereotypes and no point out his race.
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  9. icegoat63

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    There is an option for a black guy in Mercs 2. I dont use him I use the white guy, just my choice.

    Personally I feel all games should provide a choice, but then again I'm not into RPGs... I suppose if you edit all the main characters in an RPG it sorta changes the game.

    But yeah, I'd much rather have a sandbox game or fps where the game starts off by me creating my player.
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