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Will there be a fan fiction forum?


Registered Member
I was wondering,is the FAn Ficiton forum gone for ever or can you just post your stories here?Because I want to bring back a old story from the old fan ficitons,it was posted by:HexenGE and he allowed me to bring it back if you have the fan ficiton forum still around,and I have some new stuff to add.:) I think you know the name
-If you don't know the name hilight the spoiler

:-o you will be shocked


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I don't want one, and 00cuba really doesn't warrant a whole fanfiction forum.


Registered User
It doesn't really matter that much to me one way or the other. I might stop by and read it or not.


Registered Member
I don't think it's necessary to vote on them. Unless they become popular, they should be topics just like any other.

Fanfictions can be fun. As a writer of my own experimental feature wrestling film, I appreciate work done by fans of other creative works that already exist, especially if they change stuff or in some way do something interesting with the original. And at the very least, the effort is admirable and something to be acknowledged. Personally though, I don't really get into fanfiction that much because I know that if I do, I'm going to want to get fully into it. And that's time consuming.


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Staff member
Well, with a fanfiction forum though, I can set it up so only the authors can reply to the thread. They can then set up a seperate thread to discuss the story in if people want, to keep things from getting cluttered.
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