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Nintendo Will the next Nintendo use "Wii-mote" technology?


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Staff member
Anyone care to take a gander?

Nintendo has been known to try all new things at times. I wouldn't be totally surprised if they decided to go an entirely different direction next time around with their new console. New gaming consoles should be coming out around 2012 or 2013.

Do you think Nintendo will try to further Wii exclusive style gameplay or do you think they will try something new?

The Wii seems to be so successful on it's own that Nintendo almost needs to keep the Wii name as well if they did a followup console with similar features.

Wii-2? Wii-tooii? :D


New Member
I think they will continue to use Wii technology in future consoles. Yes, Nintendo is known for innovation, but I do believe that they know a good thing when they see it. They have created something entirely new here, and I can only envision them building upon what they have right now rather than dumping something that is so very popular in lieu of another untried system.