Will The Miz ever be a World Champion?


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We never really talk about The Miz here at GF, so I decided to start this thread. The Miz as improved so much since joining the WWE, and if you didn't notice then you haven't been paying close attention in my opinion.

His microphone skills are some of the best in the business today(that was kind of expected, since it was his biggest strength coming in to the WWE.)

He's improved a lot in the ring, he actually knows what he's doing now. It shows that he put a lot of work in the gym.

Now, my question to you guys is this. Do you believe The Miz will be a World Champion in his career? I don't mean for a couple of days/weeks, I mean a long reign like two/three months.



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He's got the potential to be great, I think. He's a dickhead who knows how to get over with the crowd and he's got very good in-ring skills to boot.

I don't know when it'll be but one day he'll be world champ. I mean if Jack Swagger can be and Sheamus can be then why not Miz?


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No doubt in my mind. The Miz will be a World Champion, it's just a matter of when. I think if they do a good enough transition of him going from heel to face, he can definitely solidify himself as one of the greats.

Hell it happened to The Rock, I'm sure The Miz can do the same.


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it would be a crying shame if he wasnt a world champ down the road since they have TWO world champs runing around at the same time anyways


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Yeah I'd say he will...he's excelled as a single's competitor, more than anyone could imagine. He'd make an excellent World Champ with his mic skills, wrestling style, and hateability lol.

It's one of those tricky situations, though, where a push for him would rule but Vince needs to pull the trigger. Often he forgets to do that.


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He recaptured the United States title from R-Truth on RAW a couple of weeks ago, and successfully defended it in the rematch at Fatal 4 Way.

He came out to taunt Randy Orton, but was overshadowed by Edge's spear.

I think he's in the MITB match for RAW.
The problem I see with the WWE right now is that either than Sheamus, the other young guys are only winning the World Heavyweight Championship. I understand that this title is on equal terms with the WWE Championship, but historically speaking, the WWE Championship is much more prestigious. If The Miz does win a World title, I do hope it's the WWE Championship, because Sheamus has been the only new fresh face to have won it in the past few years. The Miz as he is right now is nothing more than a high mid-carder. He certainly has the mic skills, but his in-ring work could use more signature offence. Right now he seems very generic other than for his promos. Why he went from that unique Reality Check finisher to Chris Jericho's old Breakdown finisher is beyond me. Anyway, he needs to pick up more victories over big names before he can be seen as a legitimate main event competitor. He is not Jack Swagger, who in my honest mind got pushed to the moon way too fast and didn't look credible as World Champion (having lost cleanly to guys on a regular basis). Let's hope they use The Miz in a better light.