PPV Will the MITB winners win the titles?


Sultan of Swat
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I decided to make this into his own thread. Ever since the Money in the Bank match was introduced the winners went on to the win the title.

Do you believe it will be the same this time around?



The Rock is cooking atm..
I also wondered this as well, it's like winning the MITB will always guarantee you a win...which was the case with the Royal Rumble up until they changed it obviously to make it less predictable.

I feel they might do it this time around...because if they don't...it'd just be too predictable in my opinion.


Change the World
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My guess is that one wins, one fails.

Still gives the MITB contest credibility, but in having two brands doing it shows that it may start being hit or miss.


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I think I would definitely have someone lose this go round. I mean, there are two winners at this PPV and three in the calendar year. I think its time for someone to lose in their attempt.


"Expect the unexpected"
Even though winning the MITB would appear to be a guarantee to winning the title......somehow, I think this time around it will be different. I'm with Millz in saying... "I think its time for someone to lose in their attempt".