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Will Swear Words Become Outdated?


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That's the question. Do you reckon at some point the words currently used, that are deemed offensive, will become outdated? As in, they will either be looked upon indifferently, or their offensive properties will become redundant. I mean, language is subject to change, so do you reckon it could be possible?

Perhaps it will change only for a selection of people at first and then grow. Perhaps it will change as a result of some celebrity nonce spouting a word they've conjured up that people take to like a fad, shoving another word out of mind...

I mean, words we have today have already changed from their original meanings. Whether it's because they are twisted into colloquial/slang sayings, or for other reasons (perhaps people got bored of them or summet).

Anyway, it's an open discussion. A general question. What do you reckon?


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I hope the fuck not!
For fuck's sake...whatever will I say?? :lol:
For real....if anything, I would think they would become more and more of an every day usage......as time goes by.
I hear children saying curse words these days, that I never knew existed when I was a child~
Years ago, I never heard my Mother or my Dad swear.....and up until Mother left me, the worst of the worst I ever heard her say was Damnit....or...shit.....or bastard.
She never said the F word (that I ever heard)
And I started hearing my Dad use curse words as he got older.....especially during the final 2 years of his life.
I recall when I first heard him say the F word....it shocked me!
Even tho he was so mean, he still didn't use the rough words.
I picked up my bad language from my second husband.


Where is my Queen?
I cuss during my regular converstations. Cuss words are not bad words unless you make them in a bad context. I doubt that these words will fade out anytime soon. I remember when a ho was a gardening tool. I reckon we will find new words maybe towards the end of our lifetime, but these words will stick around forever.
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Embrace the Suck
I don't think they ever will although I sincerely hope so. Last night while shopping for a birthday present for my niece I overheard a teenager with his parents using language I would never ever use in front of my parents much less rarely use now. I find it very disprespectful and uncouth.


Problematic Shitlord
Not as long as humans fear words which I imagine will only get worse until we wipe ourselves out. So, no.


Haters gonna hate.
Never. Never ever. They will forever be in our lexicon as long as my generation (and even the generation now being born) is brought up like normal. It all varies on what goes on. If it stopped suddenly in use, it will become outdated.


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Languages as a whole is in constant evolution therefore slang is in the mix. What is something worth noticing is that slang evolve at each generations.

I'm over 30 years old and already the kids of my neighbourhood are using words I have no ideas..What is fun is actually asking them what it means and getting my vocabulary up to date. Certain words also pass in the familiar langtuage when a few decennies back, it wouldn't be acceptable to use these terms in society and some of these words even finish in our dictionary.

May we swear for centuries, there is nothing better to express emotions.