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Movies Will Johnny Depp make it into a new Batman movie?


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Johnny Depp's name came up a lot when rumors were circling the net regarding who would play the Joker in the next Batman movie "The Dark Knight." Somehow he didn't end up with the part. Heath Ledger took the role instead. I'm not sure how that will work out, but hopefully it will be ok.

As for Depp, does anyone else think he could make it into the Batman movies? He's always favored movies with dark overtones, and especially characters with a bit of shade to them. A Batman bad guy seems like it would be right up his alley, or maybe he's already too big to even need to be a Batman bad guy.

Anyone have any thoughts as to who he could play in the new Batman movies?


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Nah i dont think he will be in any batman movies.


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My biggest problem with getting Depp to be in a Batman movie is that he's expensive now. Leger has had some big flicks, but he doesn't have anywhere near the draw that Depp does.

He'd make a very good Riddler because of his natural persona, and the same goes for Mr. Freeze. Freeze, for example, was a doctor and Depp could pull off a doctor type fairly easily. The biggest problem I see with both characters is his voice, but I'm sure he could manipulate it enough to make it work great, he's a very good actor.

The Riddler and Mr. Freeze aren't very big characters in the Batman universe, and it could pose a problem as this director seems to only want to use the very distinct characters in his work. No Robin, for example, even though the two are very closely tied together.