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Will Israel ever be an oil-producer?


Sultan of Swat
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I got this message from another forum, and I thought it might garner some interesting views from members at GF.

Israel has expanded several times since its heroic founding in 1948 (the same year 1984 was written by George Orwell).

Around Israel are some of the richest oil fields in the world, and Israel's allies are currently occupying and attacking a few of these Israeli neighbors, as is Israel.

In your opinion, will Israel one day control enough oil production that it will no longer need aid money from the USA to finance its many operations?


In need of Entertainment
There's a far greater chance of Israel being an oil producer in the near future.
I'll post a translated article from one of the Israeli websites:

For the first time since discovering oil in Cheletz field in the 50's it seems that in the Magad field adjacent to Rosh Ha'ayin has oil in commercial quantities.
In the message released to the stock market it said that "according to the findings from the production tests the company came to the conclusion that the oil well is commercial and the company plans on producing oil from the well.


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I do not know so much about Israel, but everything I hear from news makes it sound as Israel is in the wrong for many things, past and present. I personally think most of this is media hype, but I do not know for sure. Maybe someday someone with better knowledge can explain to me about all this. lol


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Highly doubt it. People have been looking for oil in Israel for years claiming they'll find it because of biblical prophecy. I know that the terrible motive/guidance probably doesn't help them out much in finding it, but the fact that they've been looking for 50 years and have yet to find anything doesn't bode well for the future.

Off shore may be a different story however, though I hear some of those reserves are Gaza's.

Also, just to clarify BR, is your quote suggesting Israel will get said oil fields by expanding its boarders?