will chimeratech decks over run the tcg?


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Just read the tittle, I don't know much about this card yet, but I want to see what you people think.


Luckily, Future fusion was limited to one, so the TCG will never face its full wrath as the Ocg did. However, what will most likely happen is that stein/chimera hybrids will pop up everywhere. That in fact could overrun the game. Chimera will still be insanely powerful, as I've seen the decks that will be used with it.

I have friends that play the ocg a lot, and its an insanely quick deck and it was a good move on the part of UDE to move the banlist to Sept 1st so we wouldnt have to put up with a full month of pure chimera. However, with the comming format it could easily be just as bad, albiet slowed down by a turn or two