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Will Austin Aries become TNA World Heavyweight Champion?


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It's a pretty big and surprising push that TNA is listening to fans and giving Aries a title shot at Destination X. I wanted I make a thread just for discussion of the thought...Austin Aries as champ. Will TNA pull the trigger on this now? Is The Greatest Man That Ever Lived ready? Are they ready to take the belt off of Roode, the longest reigning champ in history? Can this help the company? Discuss.


Better Call Saul
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I think putting the strap on Aries will help the company and I'm happy they are listening to the fans and pushing him so quickly.

I would have probably had him win the BFG series and then beat Roode there but whatever works. I think putting it on him sooner rather than later is good and having him beat Roode makes the most sense because it will make him look that much better in doing so.


Haters gonna hate.
There are two scenarios here.

One, he wins the strap and the IWC goes nuts.

Two, he loses to Roode and then goes to the back of the line for a bit.

We allllll know that Storm and Roode will have to end their feud. It isn't completely over yet. Roode wins BFG series, faces Roode at BFG and wins. Aries plays NO part in it.

Sadly, the second scenario is more likely to occur.

Either that or he wins it and then loses it to Roode at the next PPV.


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I think Aries will make a good champion, but I honestly don't see the belt coming off Roode until Bound for Glory.
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