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Will Albert Pujols surpass Gehrig?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
When it's all said and done, do you think Pujols will be known as the greatest first baseman of all-time?

The general consensus is that Lou Gehrig is the best first baseman to ever play.

Pujols current slash line looks like this:


Gehrig' looks like this:


Pujols currently has 518 career home runs, and 1590 RBI. Gehrig finished with 493 career home runs and 1995 career RBI.

Pujols has 2508 career hits, Gehrig finished with 2721.

Pujols has declined the last few years, but he's having himself a pretty nice season this year. He's allegedly 34 years-old, so he probably has another 4-6 years left to improve on those numbers.

Pujols is currently my #2 choice for all-time first baseman. However, he simply didn't sustain a long enough dominance to outdo the Iron Horse. Unless he achieves an unlikely surge to his career, he will remain at #2 because he is only likely to drop off further in a couple of years.