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Wilfull use of bad traits


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What do you think of people who knowingly use their bad traits to offend, insult, belittle etc. etc other people?
Be ready to reap what you've sown.

At least, that's what I'd say to them. Then again, people see insulting everywhere. They think they're being attacked or targeted when they're not and it seems to be a way of deterring the so called "attacker" from doing whatever they were previously doing.
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What do you mean by "bad traits"?


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What do you mean by "bad traits"?
Yeah, sorry I wasn't really concentrating when I made this thread.
I'll start over.

Firstly, do people who have bad traits (for example being conceited and condescending) know they are like that?
Secondly, if they are aware of their faults, do they knowingly use them against other people?


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Im pretty good at pointing out weakness and if someone trys to get me down i dont hesitate to use my "bad trait" but i am working on it...promise ;)


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I think bad traits are a part of your character and they will inevitably come out whilst you're in a disagreement with someone. I think the only time I personally do this is when I'm speaking to my mum. I'm really sarcastic with her sometimes, I know I'm doing it and I know it's not nice :lol: Don't get me wrong, compared to most people my age I get along with her really well. It's just sometimes she gets to me and I can't help it. I also tend to apply the phrase "ask stupid questions, get a stupid answer".