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Well, we officially have our first big wildfire in the UP of Michigan.


You'll have to scroll down - you'll hit a picture of the smoke.

There's over a dozen fire departments there now. All of our fire departments up here are manned by volunteers. They are a wonderful group of dedicated individuals.

I could care less about the forest...I just hope no one gets injured and no one loses their home. I don't know how well I'll sleep tonight.


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Thats so bad! I pray for the firemen, and everyone else. I hope no ones home gets burned, and there are no injuries.......... I also think it is sad for the forest to burn, I mean there are a lot of animals that will be homeless, or worse killed. I hope and pray that it gets under control for the good of all that is at stake.....


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superior dreams said:
I could care less about the forest...I just hope no one gets injured and no one loses their home. I don't know how well I'll sleep tonight.
*sniffles and hugs a tree* Where ya think the wood comes from to build those homes? I mean I understand about keeping the fire at bay and everything away from rural areas. But but but... those poor trees!
If the wild fires spread and arent controlled, be sure to keep a look out for the Division of Forestry... (FOREST-ry) They'll be out there keeping your homes safe even though its their job to deal with forest stuff. Gold team is up next for dispatch from what my mom said (she's on green team)

Hope everything clears up for ya though! *does the rain dance for you*


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We just got back from a drive. You can see the glow (from close to where that picture I linked to was taken). The news said it was 50% contained and has burned 700 - 800 acres so far. We saw two fire trucks heading back to their station so I take that as a good sign.

The problem with that area is that it is full of Jack Pine. Jack Pines have serotinous cones - they can only open with fire. So, in order to reproduce, they need a fire. The area is prone to burn just because of the forest type.

A lot of animals will survive the fire. They have the instinct needed to evacuate. Within a year, the area burned will create a lot of new growth for food, and depending on the species, their numbers may actually flourish after a fire.

I didn't mean to sound heartless about the forest. Now that I re-read my post, it could easily come across that way.

Iggy - your got your groove on and it worked! It's raining! :D
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