Wild lions found in front of Mcdonalds - South Africa report

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    Yesterday at around 12 o'clock, people shot at two lions running wild in the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa. A young girl, Lucy Botha, ran to her mother after she stared right into the eyes of the wild lions. The mother reported this to the local police, and in a sucessful attempt, the lions were caged back to safety.

    "Wild animals like elephants, rhinos and buffalos are roaming all over the streets of South Africa" says John Smit, DEMN officer of the National Park in Bloemfontein. SAFH is still working towards possible solutions to this problem. World Cup Soccer stadiums have been patrolled to prevent any wild animal from entering.

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    Interesting news......thanks! A picture, a link or a video of the story would have been nice though.

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