Wilcox, Sonics Parting Ways?

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Babe_Ruth, Jul 6, 2006.

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    Seattle Times - The Seattle SuperSonics and Chris Wilcox are now exploring sign and trade possibilities since the two sides are split on new contract negotiations, the Seattle Times is reporting.

    "The longer it drags on, we will come to the point of no return where Chris will not look back and will no longer want to be in Seattle," said Jeff Fried, the Washington, D.C.-based agent for Wilcox. "Since it appears that the Sonics are unwilling to give Chris his fair-market value, we're looking at other options."

    According to one NBA source, as many as nine teams have contacted the Sonics about Wilcox, but general manager Rick Sund has declined to seriously entertain each offer.

    Golden State is believed to be the latest team to inquire about Wilcox, but discussions with Seattle ended quickly because the Sonics are hoping to land an All-Star forward in return.

    Many believed the Sonics would offer Wilcox the six-year, $42 million deal they extended Vladimir Radmanovic last year, but Seattle's offer was slightly lower because only a few teams have the salary-cap flexibility to aggressively pursue the 6-foot-10 power forward.


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    This is very interesting because when they traded Vladamir to get him I said they would regret it but when I saw Chris play I ate my words. I saw his performances in a Seattle uniform and thought he this guy is something the sonics really needed some to take it inside and throw it down. I REALLY HOPE HE DOESN'T LEAVE SEATTLE.
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    I agree he really excelled in Seattle, and I hope that he will remain a Sonic, because he played is best ball there I believe. But I don't understand why he would want so much money, just sign with them, with a pretty decent contract, and you'll get your minutes, if he signs with Golden State it would be pretty dumb, because he would never get any playing time.

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