Wilcox next on Paxton list


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Chicago Sun-Times - Could Chris Wilcox be the next target that the Chicago Bulls will chase this offseason?

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the Bulls could use another big body. And according to team sources, the Sun-Times writes, the next name on Paxson's wish list is restricted free agent Chris Wilcox, a 6-10 power forward.

Since the Ben Wallace signing will eat up most of the Bulls' $16 million of cap space, their best chance of landing Wilcox will be through a sign-and-trade deal with his current team, the Seattle SuperSonics . That's always a tricky situation when the current team wants to retain the player, but the Bulls could benefit from the Sonics' shaky financial outlook.

Wilcox, who will turn 24 in September, is looking for a multiyear deal at roughly $10 million a year.

It's doubtful the Bulls would be willing to pay that kind of money as well, but they are in a better position to meet Wilcox's salary demands. The Bulls also have the kind of young talent to entice Seattle into making a deal.

J.R. Smith, a 6-6 guard who is also part of the Chandler deal, is very attractive because of his youth (he turns 21 in September), and Malik Allen and Viktor Khryapa are other players who could be included in a trade.

Even if they don't acquire Wilcox, a trade seems likely because the Bulls have too many players worthy of playing time. Brown, though, believes the Bulls have big plans for him.

''I don't think they're bringing me there to just let my contract expire,'' P.J. Brown told the New Orleans Times-Picayune. ''I think they want me to definitely help get this team to the next level. With the acquisition of Ben, you see how committed they are toward winning.''



Chicago probably will win this season, if wilcox come im sure.

Ben - Wilcox - Deng now, Morrison later - Gordon - Kirk

Bulls dynasyt again?


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Seattle Post-Intelligencer - With few teams remaining with cap space, it is unlikely that the Sonics will sign and trade Chris Wilcox, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is reporting.

Wilcox's agent, Jeff Fried, has said he would prefer a sign-and-trade deal if the Sonics cannot agree to a contract with the power forward. That may be easier said than done because Wilcox would be a base-year salary player, meaning the Sonics could only acquire 50 percent of Wilcox's salary in an exchange.

For a team to facilitate a sign-and-trade, it would have to have space under the salary cap to accept Wilcox's new contract or send the Sonics multiple players for the salaries to match. The Sonics, with a roster that's already two deep at each position, don't appear likely to change their team chemistry by acquiring two or three new players.

Wilcox would prefer a contract similar to the six-year, $60 million agree to by Denver's Nene last week. The Sonics likely would prefer their midlevel exception at five years and $30 million, making the two sides "very far apart," according to Fried.