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Wii wii or ps3? i know its been done, but heres another way of looking at it.


New Member
hi everyone, this is my first post on this site. i have yet to buy either ps3 or wii, and everyday i change my mind on what to get. for on the ps3 offers my fav franchise from Hideo Kojima the overwhelmingly amazing Metal Gear Solid series. as well as the much anticipated GTA4 and others, and yet i dont own an HD tv, nor will i for atleast 2 years, so in that aspect the wii looks alot better. i mean cmon, why spend $600 on a system that wont look up to its capability on my tv, when i can easily spend half that, and get the same results (Visually) with the added bonus of the wii's totally new innovative gameplay" i wanna play a new mario game, i wanna play zelda, and wario ware, and super smash brothers, so i think, ive decided to buy a wii.
*sigh of relief* yep, theres that feeling of a heavy weight being lifted offa my shoulders.



New Member
I'm new here too but i do know what to get. get a wii, i have one and it's definately better than a ps3! ps3 is overpriced and the wii costs good for what it is. The wii has some good games coming out like SSBB!!! YEAH!!! there may not seem to be many wii games out now but they're coming out with way more. so yeah get a wii.


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Staff member
To anybody thinking of spending $600 for a PS3, consider upgrading your computer. For $600 you can get a lot done in the "upgrading" side of things.

I'd personally prefer a Wii over a PS3 based on cost alone. I can't imagine a PS3 is worth the price unless you just HAVE to have a Blu-Ray player. Then suddenly it becomes a much better option. Who says Blu-Ray will become the standard though. That's a big reason why I can't justify shelling over the money just yet.


New Member
I am glad that you chose the Wii. I don't know what's so special about the ps3 anyway. It's so expensive.