Wii Wii On and Off

OK, im just a bit paranoid, but when the wii is apparently "off" the red light is still on. I look in the instruction manual and it says that means it is in standby and the the WiiChannel24 is off. Does standby mean the wii is still using energy or is it off? Will the light next to the power switch ever burn out? Yes, I just got the wii and yes im a noob. ;D



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It's a mini LED light and it will last practically forever.

Standby means it's plugged in and a small amount of power is going to it. It's not going to waste much electricity at all. You don't really need to worry about it. It's very normal.


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Yep, Andrew is correct.

Just a heads-up, though: If you receive a message in your inbox, a blue light will also surround that area. Don't be worried about it.