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Wii issues

For the past week or so, I've been unable to play with WWE '13 on my Wii. Whenever I start the Wii and I'm pressing the A button to start, the console is unresponsive or there's a huge delay before I get to my menu. And when I have access to my menu, it seems like the sensor isn't working.

Anybody had this problem before? Is it indeed my Wii sensor in cause?


New Member
Never had such an issues but delays like that in reading things will either be your motion sensor playing up or the laser reading the disc playing up, possibly even both.
(I see that it isn't in the video game thread so Bizzy, feel free to move it in the appropriate thread. I apologize, I really thought I had posted in the right forum last night)

I guess it must be the sensor. I retrieved the disc from the console and as I press the A button, I have no answer whatsoever. I know my Wiimote works since it lights up whenever I press a button. I'll have to check online to be sure.