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Wii Wii Fitness Board


Registered Member
Nintendo has announce during E3 that they are developing the Wii Fitness board. I think this is a really cool concept and a great marketing ploy. People are discovering that playing the wii can be a great workout and by creating the fitness board will complement that. I think the concept is similar to the Dance Dance Revolution mat.


Secret Agent
Staff member
This could be interesting. I wouldn't consider it really a "fitness" product though unless it helps people lose weight and stay in shape. Really I doubt it will do that on it's own. People will still need to hit the gym if they want to get in shape. Playing video games probably won't quite cut it.


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I do agree with you Andrew but Nintendo has nothing to lose from promoting this. If I want to lose weight, I must physically go for a run or go to the gym to workout. However, when playing my Wii, I had sweat before after playing a long period of time and do recall waking up and my arms are sore. Several months ago, I remember watching a local broadcast about a kid in the midwest who is trying to lose weight via playing the Wii and created a website trying to motivate others as well.