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Wii domains!


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Those are actually pretty decent domains. I thought about jumping on that bandwagon too but I never ended up buying anything.

Good luck! :D


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I just played around with some words that started with "we", grabbed some basic research off gameforum and I'm done. If I don't get $60 for the pair, I will just keep them. I had planned on grabbing a few ps3 to sell on ebay this fall, but from what I've read, I am going to concentrate on getting wii's. You can always flip a new video game console during Christmas. I remember a few years ago friends were getting an extra $100 for the PS2 thin which was not even a new system. And of course last year was the glorious Xbox360. At $250 retail, I'll bet the wii is going to be the hottest gift item in years.
the domains didn't sell. Thats ok, I will hod them till later and use them or sell them after the unit comes out. I did manage to get enough clicks on the simple google ad on the website to pay for the listing fee, so nothing lost.

Gamers, I need some help with my thinking here. I believe that the wii could be the hottest Christmas item in years. Here are a few bullet points from what I've researched so far. My notes are purely concerned with buying the wii and selling it on ebay. Any input would be greatly apprieciated:
  • Demographics of the wii are off the chart. Of the gamersfaq polls I have seen, the wii is tracking much higher than the ps3 or xbox360. More importantly, I believe this game is the first family video game. I had an Atari 2600 and NES in the 80's. My parents would never dream of playing with me. The wii is the first game I have seen since then that looks like I can walk up to and play. This game is going to allow my generation age30-40 to play with our kids. I believe the wii could re-ignite a similar board game crazy that occured in the late 80's/early 90's, except this time we will gather around the tv instead of our kitchen table.
  • Supply. The xbox360 sold 6MM units between Nov05 and June06. They sold 1.7MM units by Jan06. The rumor is Nintento is trying to get 5MM units out by Jan07. That is somewhat more units. Taking in the price of the xbox in camparison with the costs of the wii, Nintendo is looking for about 2X as much revenue compared to xbox. What is important to remember is that the 360 was a perfect storm of low supply and over-hype. 5MM units worldwide will be a small amount for a well advertised game system.
  • Competion. The PS3 will be released shortly after the wii. So, there will be 2 units crowding the market this Christmas. From the polls I have seen, the popularity of the ps3 doesn't compare to the wii.

I could go on, but the bottom line is I believe everyone is going to want a wii this Christmas. If you want to make some Christmas money, buying the wii and selling it will be easy money.
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