Wii Wii blamed for rise in effeminate violence


A Darker Knight
hahaha. I love the Onion.

"The Wii's fluffy flowers and bright peach-colored sunlight glorify chasing precious talking rabbits with plungers," Greer said. "What kind of message is that sending to our children? That it's 'cool' to act like some kind of electrical elf or banana fairy?"


The Super Pimp of GF
I laughed so hard also because this is like the polar opposite of video game violence it is like parents are afraid there kids are becoming wimps lol


The Super Pimp of GF
This is why I love digg.com because it shows me articles like this one lol


Certified Shitlord
I actually recently discovered the Onion and it is quite fantastic.

This just goes to prove that.