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Wierd stuff in the sky!


New Member
Recently, I 've been seening lots of stuff. Wierd stuff. On September 1st, I saw a light, then 5 lights from different places came together and started moving in impossible ways that a plane of helicopter can. Almost like a worm. Then, just last Sundy, I witnessed a small plane like thing that moved 300-350 mph. it had four lights, and didn't make any noise. But here where I live, there are no mountains. Then, today, I saw a little thing that blinking, smaller than a tractor, and for sure 1 mile away. Ot was WAAAYtoo low to be a airplane and it didn't make any noise. HAs anyone else seen these? :confused:


Lion Rampant
HAs anyone else seen these? :confused:
Only on acid. What do you imagine are the odds of one person spotting three genuine UFO phenomena, none of which are reported in the media, on three separate occasions within two months?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
How do you know it was going 300-350MPH if it's all the way up in the sky? I'm curious to find out how you know it didn't make any noise? Maybe you couldn't hear it that's all.

Personally I think your either imaginating things or your seeing something that we call planes.


New Member
Its an estamate because it was generally going as fast as a plane. And, I am not older that 18, I i had never had a puff of anything. hallucenations it wasn't because my friend saw the second one too, but the only explains I can find for them is.

1st UFO: a prototype airplane
2nd UFO: a airglider, it wa the shape of a boomerang, but there are no mountains here.
3rd UFO: an RC helicopter with lights atached to it.

See, that was the wierdest thig. Sure you may not believe me, but I know this is real.


New Member
also curiously, the 1st time my camera was gone, 2nd time, i was exiting a party, 3rd, it was charging.


Next time take pictures or film with a camera or else .....
none of these happened!


Formerly "Maikeru"
I love the section that you chose to post this.

Where do you live btw?