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Awesome Wicked


Saw this again last night at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. The Singapore show has the Australian cast, so I had seen a couple of them before but mostly I hadn't seen these actors. I was very impressed by the show. Enjoyed it as much as the first two times I saw it.


rainbow 11!
I saw Wicked in 2010 (had a thread about it that long time ago) when I was in San Francisco. I didn't even know the entire story then (inorite) and I have only heard a couple of songs that they did in Glee. Even so, I think the performance was great. Like EA, I'd consider it one of the good musicals but probably not in my top 5.
See, this is where I disagree with both of you! It's definitely in my top five, but then again Wicked is my first live show. I've seen a few other musicals, but they were the DVD version. (Such as RENT, Funny Girl, Annie)
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