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So I watched Glee at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco last week.

The last time I watched a musicale was a looooooong time ago. Like 10 years, haha. That was Ms. Saigon, in Sacramento.

Anyway I liked this show. Maybe it also helped that I listened to the OST before I saw it. It made me appreciate the music more (I already liked listening to it).

Oh and for Glee fans, Kristin Chenoweth is part of the original cast. And that song that Kurt and Rachel did a diva off... Defying Gravity...is from Wicked too.

If you're Oz fans and have seen this, how do you like the story of the Wicked Witch of the West?


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I do like Wicked. But the fan girls make me angry. Yes it is a great show, yes it has wonderful music, and yes it is visually stunning. But if one more middle school girl gets up and yells Defying Gravity at me I'm going to go on a murdering rampage.


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I have read the book and loved it. I haven't seen the musical yet. Also, there is already a Wicked thread. lol

And Ysabel, have I told you lately that I hate you?