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I saw a recording of this show and listened the songs on cd and I really like this musical. Anybody else? I feel it is really cool not because of the fact that it is about the wizard of Oz but it shows you that often there is more than meets the eye and chances are something we see as evil may not be exactly what we are thinking


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I want to see it as well I only saw a video of it and it was terrible quality and the voices didnt match up but it was still amazing


I saw this show in SF and loved it :) this is the show that made me fall in love with Idina Menzel and musicals in general, and it has a very special place in my heart. I am currently wearing the sweatshirt <3

The one criticism I have of the show was that it was rather formulaic. it appealed to pop culture [[ no pun intended, Galinda ]], not to people who were there for the theatrical aspect. i am guilty of loving it for the pop-y-ness though, so who am i to criticize? :sick:


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I absolutely love wicked. I saw it on Broadway and was supposed to see Stephanie J. Block as Elphie, but was blown away by her understudy(Lisa Brescia) instead. Such a good show.

If you like the way the show reveals interesting things about a beloved story, the guy who wrote Wicked also wrote a book called Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, about Cinderella, that I've heard great things about.


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I saw this 2 years ago, it was awesome, I really wish that they would make a movie out of it, it's an amazing performance with great acting.