wich is easyer for you?

wich is easier for you?

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what do you find is easier for you face to face (f2f) or online (net)?

i find it easier to play f2f. this way i can read people and call a bluff more often, altho rarely used online. i also like bluffing now and then just to keep my opponets confused. hell ive even thrown hands just to make them feel good about thier chances. and my face is fucking unbelieviable, my regular opponets who know most everything about me and cant read the face.


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I find online poker so much easier, you play me in real life and I'm toast, if you play me online I'll have some really good wins mixed in there.

I just have a bad poker face and online you don't need to have one.


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dDave's reason is why I place face to face. I'm good at reading people and I've called my friends' bluffs more than once. Online poker is best for the mathematicians.


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I'm much more of a mathematical player, not relying on reading other players as much, but I still prefer playing face to face. I have about the same success either way though.


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I like the online play more than the live since i get bored easy online i sit at 10+ tables, and its also easier to pick up betting patterns online and get more of an idea what the opponent is trying to do.


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F2F for me online not so much. why F2F u ask well like Zachary my poker buddies can't read my face but i can read theres like an open book. In fact my poker face is my normal facial expertion so i don't need to practice it. as for online well to put it bluntly i'm not a mathmitiction.
Well spelling is a lot easier for me...atleast spelling correctly. easier. Nah face to face is a little easier to me, I can express my personality easier.