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    I am asking a question to anyone and any answer will do. Why do we continue to vote between Republicans and Democrats? What about other parties. Why vote for the 2 parties that have done nothing right. ITs time for a change. I think that its time that a new party leads this country because both have shown that they cannot lead this country. What are your thoughts.

  2. GoldenGary

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    We vote for those parties because they are the ones that pander to the center and that have the power. Other parties are too concerned about ideological purity to appeal to the masses in many cases and often they don't have as many backers.
  3. drs10

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    While the democrat party will probably always be the wrong choice, I believe the republicans will return to the conservative base that got them elected in the first place. While the names of the parties were the same during the Civil War era, they were completely different when compared to today's parties. Parties evolve and change, so new parties don't necessarily have to emerge. While democrats are horrible now, I very much hope that they return, if possible, to the fundamentals of JFK, who was a great president in the brief period he was in office. Even more so, I hope that the republicans will return to the ideals of Reagan, and I believe they can do it with Fred Thompson as their candidate in 2008.

    As for third parties, I don't see any emerging anytime soon. The Libertarian Party is so divided and fragmented that even Neal Boortz admits that their national convention was horrible. So while they are the most realistic of third parties, I don't see them ever emerging to challenge the two parties unless they unite themselves on one base.
  4. Duke1985

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    The reason people don't vote for 3rd parties because the other two parties propogate this "its throwing your vote away" bullshit.
    Since most people think "oh shit I don't wanna do that" they vote for one of the two parties, even though they think its bullshit that there is only two parties.
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    I think it has to do with money and influence. As long as money and power is flooded into two main parties, then people will be influenced to vote for either one. Frankly, it might have been better if we had a parliamentary system in which there were multiple parties instead of just two.
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    There isn't any third party that I agree with. I find most of them to be too ideological. I'm with Hume on the fact that swift change often results in worse problems then those that are supposed to be solved by it. The best governments tend to be stable ones (albeit with no one party staying in power too long). I guess that makes me something of a conservative (ironically). This isn't to say that don't advocate any sort of change. The current administration has obviously not been great for the country. Nevertheless, it wasn't all that long ago that we had a balanced budget and good standing with the world. We just need to get back on track.

    I'm not sure why folks think corruption and pettiness are problems with Republicans or Democrats. They strike me as human problems that are possible par for the course in anything men involve themselves in. I often wonder how it is we have so little corruption compared to the rest of the world. I imagine it has to do with our standard of living being such that we don't stand to gain much by acting selfishly. Also, our working democracy helps ensure that our representatives don't develop a sense of entitlement to their position. Whenever election time rolls around, they're reminded of exactly who they serve at the whim of.

    Political matters tend to be rather complex. Socialists might promise to end inequality, and libertarians to end tyranny, or greens to save the enviroment; but I don't think matters are as simple as any of them would have it. Men have conflicting interests and conflicting beliefs, and there is no one-size-fits-all right way to go about things. It may be for lack of paying attention, but I've never found very nuanced opinions in the sort of candidates that third parties attract. They seem more motivated by rationalistic belief then an experienced empirical feel for what works.

    Nevertheless, at the end of the day, I just vote for who I think will do what's best. That person just usually seems to be a Democrat. Which isn't to say that I don't pay any attention to electibility. I won't be writing my name on my ballet in 08 despite how much I might agree with me. If you disagree with me, then look on the bright side. There's a large shift away from the major parties currently, and folks are starting to look for other options. I dont' think folks are going to be turning en masse to any of the currently available third parties, but we may see something entirely new if things don't shape up.

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